What is a Service Dog?

Americans with disabilities Act (ADA)

Service animals are defined as dogs that are individually trained to do work or perform tasks for people with disabilities. Service animals accompany people with disabilities in all areas where members of the public are allowed to go including restaurants, hospitals, and stores.

required Foundational Canine qualities

~ Positive temperament 

~ Tolerates loud noises, strange smells, and unusual sights 

~ Walks on various textured surfaces

~ Recovers quickly when startled

~ Accepts diverse people

~ NO dog aggression or resource guarding 

~ Not shy or nervous

~ Able to focus on handler regardless of activity (including when other people or dogs are present) 

~ Accepts touch and petting by men, women, and children


What makes us unique

We believe that people should be an active participant in their service dog's training! While we do offer the ability to place a fully trained service animal with a person in need, we have found that owners who participate in the greatest capacity physically possible form longer, more meaningful bonds and increased consistency in ongoing training.

Our program fully prepares future service animals to adapt to new situations by exposing them at early ages to public places and pairing these experiences with positive feedback.

We have a variety of options in securing your next service animal. We are able to assess a dog that is already a part of your family; conversely, we are also able to secure an appropriate dog to meet your needs.

ready to apply?

Click the link below to apply to be a part of our service dog training program.